PSAI MOD 1 Closed Circuit Rebreather Course (40m, Air Diluent)

£850 per person 5 day course


The PSAI Closed Circuit Rebreather Course is designed to introduce safe diving procedures for using Closed Circuit Rebreathers

As with all our training programmes, we pride ourselves with teaching from experience. We specialise in Inspiration and Evolution, but can cater for other types of rebreathers.

If you are unsure which make would be best suited for you, we will be glad to advise. We can also offer a try-dive.


Advanced Open Water or equivalent with Advanced Nitrox 100 logged dives in various conditions and depths

This course may be run in conjunction with the PSAI Advanced Nitrox Course at the discretion of the PSAI instructor.

What the course fee includes:

Student pack PSAI registration fee (only upon successful completion) Accommodation (B&B) for 4 nights 8 dives plus Air and O2 fills for the 8 dives (6 boat dives, 2 harbour dives)

Please note, any extra diving or gas required will be at an extra cost.