PSAI Open & Closed Circuit Trimix Expedition Level 2 (75 meters)

Price £750 per person Or £300 if already qualified to level 1 Trimix

What the course fee includes:

Student pack PSAI registration fee (only upon successful completion) Accommodation (B&B) for 4 nights (or 1 night if already qualified to level 1 Trimix) 5 dives inc trimix and nitrox fills for the 5 dives (or 2 dives, plus trimix and nitrox for the 2 dives if already qualified to level 1 Trimix) Please note, any extra diving or gas required will be at an extra cost

Minimum of 2 people 5 day course (or 2 days if already qualified to Trimix level 1) This course is for both Open and Closed circuit


PSAI Extended Range Diver that includes Advanced Decompression Procedures, OR Advanced Nitrox (100%) & Advanced Decompression Procedures and Mixed Gas Diver Level 1 or equivalent. 250 logged dives with 50 deeper than 40 meters.


This course provides the training required to undertake dives with helium mixes with less than 18% oxygen. Expedition Trimix (Level 2) is aimed at experienced divers to provide an increased level of knowledge and skill to plan and execute dives below 60 meters. Following successful assessment dives, the Expedition Trimix (Level 2) will certify to 75m.