Malta - November 2012 PDF Print E-mail

Last month we undertook our first Tec dive trip to Malta, with the aim of diving some of the many excellent deep wrecks to be found there.

Never liking it too easy Claire decided to use the opportunity to qualify 6 divers to Mod2 (60m)+ Mod 3 (75m) Trimix , 4 on open circuit and 2 CCR.

It was a great week, hard work, but when buddied with warm weather, good viz, beer and excellent company (Claire and I!!!!! ) was never a chore!

The wrecks were outstanding but due to their size we certainly need to go and dive some of them again+ again!! Particular favourites were the French liner Le Polynisia ( 66m) a first world war torpedoe casualty, a stunningly intact + beautiful dive with both fish life and artefacts everywhere (see photos). The British submarine HMS Stubborn(60m) a world war one veteran laying intact on a white sand bottom the whole sub being visible almost from the surface!! Again covered in life but still looking very steely!!!

Thanks to Agnes at Maltaqua for their as always, first class support. To our divers Alice, Rob, Ray, Andy, Jacob for their patience and effort as we tested the system THANKYOU and CONGRATULATIONS on the hard work you put into your studies and drills to successfully pass your courses,well done.

Everyone fancied some more of the same next year and we expect to return in the second week of October 2013 all being well……………watch this space.

Next Tec course will be CCR Mod 2, Starts in New year and will be modular over few weekends as weather permits, start date 25th Jan (ish).Only2 places left.