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Terms and Conditions (effective from 1 APRIL 08)

Before the Trip
Prior to/traveling you are advised to check that the forecast weather conditions are suitable for the trip and if any doubt, please contact us. It is our policy not to let our customers waste money and time (we do not expect people to drive to Plymouth just to dive the Breakwater Fort!!).

Group Bookings (3 or more Divers)

A booking is not final until a deposit of 30% of the full cost has been received by Discovery Divers. If you have to cancel a charter, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can make every effort to arrange an alternative date.

The balance owing should be paid in full no later than 14 days prior to the scheduled trip.

Individuals / Buddy Pairs

In the case of individuals / buddy pairs payment should be in full on booking.


When a cancellation is received less than one month before the date of the dive the payment will not be refunded. (We will make every effort to reallocate the booking to other parties and if successful would refund your deposit) Furthermore, if the dive takes place but you arrive late on the day or elect for any reason not to dive, or fill the booked boat space  no refund can be given.

Weather & Boats

We reserve the right to change boats, dive sites or departure times according to weather and company operational requirements.
Your booking is accepted on the understanding that if you have booked for a specific site and the weather does not permit diving that location but an alternative site is diveable, then the dive will take place at the best diveable alternative. We will take into account wherever possible depth requirements in respect of divers’ abilities and prepared gas mixes. Technical divers must understand that if we are able to dive on a 30m-plus wreck site, we expect bookings to be honoured. Any price difference in your favour will be credited to your account or refunded at your option.

Even with our best efforts on occasions due to sea, weather or safety considerations we may have to cancel a trip with minimum notice. In this instance your boat charter payment will be refunded.


Scuba diving can be a hazardous sport. You are responsible for the conduct of your own dive, and for ensuring that you are trained, prepared and equipped for the planned dive site and that your equipment is safely stored on the boat. All drift dives require an S.M.B. and all divers should carry (and be able to use!) a D.S.M.B. for wreck dives. If in doubt, please ask your boat skipper. If you book onto a dive as an individual, you need to be sure that you are prepared to dive solo (and are suitably equipped and capable of doing so) or to forgo the dive if a buddy cannot be found to dive with you.
Boats will not wait for passengers, so ensure that you allow yourself sufficient time to get ready and have your cylinders filled.


Discovery Divers (Plymouth) Ltd accept no liability whatsoever for any accident, damage or loss or injury, however caused affecting any personnel or their belongings whilst at Fort Bovisand or aboard any vessel supplied by the company.
Customers should ensure they are covered by their own personal accident and equipment insurance. It is further advised that customers invest in holiday insurance to cover the full cost of the trip should they have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances.

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