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Dive Sites
There are many excellent dive sites in the Plymouth area ranging from shallow scenic dives to deep technical wrecks.

HMS Scylla (11m-24m)
Europes first purpose sunk wreck gives divers the opportunity to explore an intact warship free from damage or decay and witness its development into a ‘living’ reef. An ideal wreck for novices and the experienced alike.
Already a spectactular dive.

Glen Strathallan (15m-18m)
Pleasure yacht sunk in the 1970,s south of the Shag Stone boiler and wreckage complete with resident congers and always plenty of fish life.

Elk (28 -32m)
An armed trawler sunk by parachute mine during World War 2. Stands upright and is inhabited by prolific fish life, a classic wreck..

James Egan Layne (7 – 24m)
Large liberty ship sunk in world war 2 by a torpedo, probably one of the most famous wrecks in the UK, an excellent dive with an amazing variety of fish life and still recognisable as a large merchantman, still a must for the log of every UK diver.

Persier (27 -30m)
Another large merchantman victim to WW 2 .This one is in Bigbury Bay with 3 massive boilers, several good swim throughs and normally good visibility another brilliant dive!

Rosehill (27-32m)
A largeish collier, this time sunk during the First World War, again plenty to see with large boilers, and the stern deck gun still in place.

HMS Foyle (45-48m)
A destroyer mined during the First world war an interesting amount of wreckage remains and is well worth a grot

Totnes Castle (38-42m)
This paddle steamer was once a local ferry which served upon the river Dart for many years and finally sunk en-route to the breakers yard, she is now a lovely picturesque dive in Bigbury Bay an area renowned for good visibility.

Hilsea point (9-25m)
A fantastic scenic dive with deep gullies and high pinnacles all complemented with an abundance of wild life, magic!!

Eddystone Reef / Hands Deep ( 0 – 55m)
These are excellent scenic dives with great visibility and an abundance of aquatic life. These reefs ascend from 55m to the surface and the amount of shipping that came to grief in this area before the building of the lighthouse is anybodies guess!

Plymouth has been involved in trading and waging war by sea for hundreds of years and nearly every area of sea bed provides evidence of this rich nautical heritage in some form or other. Add to this the clean waters and prolific fish life ranging from Basking Shark to delicate corals and you have all the ingredients for a memorable diving break.
These sites have just been a taster of what Plymouth has to offer the diver there is much more.

Dive Guides
By prior arrangement one of our experienced instructor divers can be available to act as dive guide if so desired. (Particularly knowledgeable about HMS SCYLLA as they once served upon her!!!)

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