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What is it?

The advanced open water programmes are the ideal way for qualified divers to either gain more experience while still being assisted by an instructor aor as a way of gaining further insight and skills into a number of new diving areas. You can credit each of the dives you do on this course towards a relevant speciality course. The first dive for most specialities is the same as the advanced diver so when you come to do the speciality there is one less dive.

Who can do it?

Anyone who has an entry-level qualification in diving with a minimum of four open water dives. Those who are between the age of twelve and fifteen will be awarded the junior advanced open water certification.

What does the course involve?

Academic session - including videos, instructor led knowledge reviews and lectures as required.

Two core dives:
Deep dive - introducing safe deeper diving practices and techniques.
Navigation dive - when you'll learn all about underwater navigation and timing.

Three selective dives:
These are chosen from the following list of dives:

Drift Diver Boat Diver Night Diver
Dry Suit Diver Wreck Diver Peak Performance Bouyancy

Advanced or Adventure Diver?

The advanced course consists of the two core dives and three dives from the list above. The Adventure diver qualification consists of completing just three of the above dives.

How long does it take?

The Advanced course can take place over two days (but can be separate) and the Adventure Diver can be completed in just one day.

How do I book?

Click here to go to our booking enquiry page or call us on 01752 492722, or call Danny on 07739 567752 or Dave on 07973 266401

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