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What is it?

You've completed entry-level and advanced diver training and have been logging your dives in the process and gaining experience. During the PADI Rescue Course you will learn how to prevent and manage potential diving accidents. This is firstly done through knowledge review and lectures and then through a number of open water scenarios, from a tired diver to unconcious diver under water. Finally there are two full emergency scenarios incorporating all of the skills that you have learned throughout the course.

What does the course involve?

Academic session - this includes videos, study of knowledge reviews and lectures as required.

Open water scenarios:

These are designed to break down any emergency so that it may be dealt with. Scenarios covered are:

Tired diver
Panicked diver
Response from shore/boat to concious victim
Missing diver
Distressed diver under water
Surfacing the unconcious diver
Unconcious diver at the surface
Casualty care with an unconcious diver
First aid for related accidents

Two final scenarios are completed at the end of the course so that your instructor can assess your performance. The scenarios are:

Underwater search and response
Overall management.

How long will it take?

The Rescue Diver course is normally run over a weekend (two days), but can be arranged to suit individual requirements.

How do I book?

Click here to go to our booking enquiry page or call us on 01752 492722, or call Danny on 07739 567752 or Dave on 07973 266401

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